We take care of your exhibition participation worldwide!

The world is your oyster; new markets are opening for you and your company. All that is left are customers.

You are actively participating in the international market and you would like to bring your company to the attention of interested parties, and get in touch with more (potential) customers. A great way to do so is to engage in exhibitions.  

Not only is it a great way to meet customers and prospects, it also helps to raise awareness and bring attention to your company and brand.

Exhibitions are not a waste of money!

We help to make your exhibition presence a success. We will support you with the preparations, a solid trading plan, coaching of your exhibitors, and a lead follow-up system. Exhibitions require some investments, both in time and money. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that all possible contacts are tracked. The results will be monitored and reported with the aspiration to measure and evaluate your results to improve over the years.

By collaborating with Giraffes4Zebras you will not only have your own experience to work with, but also ours and that of our other customers.

The exhibition stand (and everything that’s involved)

Your stand is the face of your company, but it is also a means of communication. What can you do to make sure potential customers are drawn to your stand? How can your stand tell them you are the one who can make their problems disappear?

As you know your company would be perfect if you could design the stand yourself. However, you are not a graphic designer or communications expert. This is why you come to us! We will create the perfect look for a great price.  


We take care of the stand building at every exhibition, worldwide. We will take care of the coffee cups including your logo, your business cards and a fully supplied fridge.

Giraffes4Zebras is prepared to go all out so you will reach your target audience and generate new leads worldwide!

We take care of your marketing

Marketing is a vital element for every company. Your products and services may be amazing, if only your existing customers know about this you will become vulnerab

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Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

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