Access to new markets

We help you to access countries where you are not yet active but want to do business.

The world is getting smaller. The global marketplace is a fact. What does that mean? Can you just export to any country you want? Sell your goods to any interested company around the globe?

Appointments and regulations

Potential customers are becoming increasingly internationally oriented. More and more international agreements and regulations are put in place. This is definitely beneficial but, unfortunately, does not mean you can trade in any market you wish.

The rules regarding the admission of food from other countries differs per country or region. For certain countries, it will be fairly easy to do business but definitely not for all. This is also influenced by the products you wish to export.  For some countries, the fact that your country has been approved will be sufficient to do business. But for other countries your company might have to be checked and inspected.

You will need to have the correct certificates and stamps. But that is not all, the impression that you leave behind also has an effect on this process.

Presentation of your organization

With our knowledge on the required certificates and how to make the right impression we can be of great help. This starts with the presentation of your organization. If your business leaves a bad impression you will not see as professional or reliable and this will make entering new markets more challenging.  

If ‘new’ countries and businesses consider working with you, they will check your company to find out whether you are trustworthy and professional.

Your business will be examined in detail. This includes your online messages, media coverage and other materials that contain information about your company. In some cases, they will also want to visit your company. With our expertise and marketing experience we will guarantee that there can be no doubt about you and your company being professional and reliable.

We take care of your marketing

Marketing is a vital element for every company. Your products and services may be amazing, if only your existing customers know about this you will become vulnerab

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