We have knowledge of the international food industry.

To function properly on the international market, it is important to be able to deal with all the different nationalities, languages and cultures that you will encounter. Cultural differences are the first thing that people worry about when entering the international market. They might not even ignore this altogether. What does it actually mean? How does this affect the course of business?

Unless properly addressed, major cultural differences can be a quite an obstacle to overcome.

Cultural differences

You want business to go smoothly and sell your products or services as effectively as possible. For this to happen it is important to be informed on the countries in which you want to do business. Aside from the possible language gap, cultural differences can also affect the way of doing business.

Every foreign market will bring its own challenges. You want to do business in Japan? Great, but keep in mind that it will be a completely different experience compared to say Germany. Some countries find hierarchy very important, others might prefer to be addressed as equals. Some countries are very formal, others more friendly, and the list goes on.

So, how do you address your customers and business partners? What is the best way to deal with such cultural differences to achieve your goals?

International and intercultural knowledge

We know! Due to our extensive experience in the international market, mainly in the food industry, we are well aware of these cultural differences as we have experienced this first hand.

With our knowledge, we can help you with deciding on the right marketing strategy. We know what other countries deem important regarding meat, fish and fruit. We have great insight into the international market and know-how of different countries and regions. Because of our extensive network we know what is going on at a local level. This allows you to respond to the specific needs and preferences of the different markets.

In addition, we can also coach you and expand your intercultural competences to increase your chances on the international market and stay ahead of the competition. By becoming more attentive of different cultures and their preferences you can do more efficient business internationally and avoid misunderstandings that could harm your international relationships and opportunities.

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