Social media has become an important part of our daily lives. 96% of Dutch people use at least one of the many platforms. On average, we spend over 1.5 hours on social media every day.

Policymakers, industry association members and their customers can also be found online. A frequent presence on social media helps sectors to get their message across. For example, at Giraffes4Zebras we use social media to continuously spread a positive and transparent message about the sector for our clients.

The power is in the repetition and in the smart use of social media aimed at the right target group.

The table below gives an overview of the development of the number of users of various platforms in the Netherlands.


Although the majority of social media users are among the young, we find people from all age groups online.

Each age group has its preference for certain platforms, which makes it important to make the right marketing choice about where you want to show your message.

For example, the use of Facebook by young people under 20 is plummeting, while it is one of the best platforms for approaching people over 65.


In addition to age, other considerations play a role in determining where your target audience is active. Are you looking for new companies as customers? Then LinkedIn is the platform par excellence to showcase yourself. Are you focused on recruiting young people to come and work for you? Then focus more on Instagram or Facebook.
Do you want to influence the messengers of the Netherlands? Then Facebook or YouTube can be very suitable for you.

At Giraffes4Zebras, we are experts at rolling out successful social media campaigns. How do we go about it?

  1. In consultation with you, we will determine your target audience(s). Do you want to focus on members to make them proud of their organization? Or do you want to focus on policy makers?
  2. We define a catchy core message. What is the essence of what your organization wants to convey?
  3. Based on this we write and design a variety of social media posts. Matching your corporate identity, sector and target groups.
  4. We will of course use your existing social media channels and set up new pages where necessary.
  5. We ensure that your organization or sector is frequently visible on all channels, at least weekly. We place the posts, monitor the reactions and make adjustments where necessary.
  6. You will receive regular reports from us where you can see how your social media channels are performing.


By cleverly deploying ad campaigns, we increase the reach of social media expressions. Even with small budgets we achieve great results. With an advertising budget we can address specific target groups in a very targeted way. These include people of a specific age, with specific interests and at a specific location (even the residents of a specific building).

The posts now appear regularly on the timeline of these target groups, spreading the message further and further.

Check out our brochure to learn more about how we work.

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