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Zebra Bananas

Branding, website, digital media, videos, packaging

Zebra Bananas is committed to providing consistent high-quality bananas worldwide. With fruit harvested from plantations in Ecuador and Costa Rica, the Zebra brand aims to supply end-consumers with the finest products on the market. Each box delivers not only top quality bananas, but also a fair trade product that exemplifies reliability and trust. We export fresh fruit that surpasses customer expectations.


Zebra Bananas is a banana brand that plays an important role in the competitive market of fruits. For Zebra Bananas, Giraffes4Zebras was responsible for developing the new brand concept, the complete new identity, for designing and developing the website and for creating an effective marketing strategy to attract new customers.

After evaluating the whole creative process and making an inventory of possible improvements in the promotional strategy, Giraffes4Zebras came up with a marketing plan. The main target was to communicate using exclusive and impactful visuals that appeal to both consumers in the local and in the international market.


In order to think about the effective marketing strategy, Giraffes4Zebras had to understand the target group. The target markets for Zebra bananas  were mostly in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and some other countries in Central Asia. After the investigation and market research, we came up with a favorable marketing strategy combined with impactful color palette, stylish house style and vibrant promotion for the brand.

From the brand identity to Zebra logo design and going through the whole trademark registration process, Giraffes4Zebras was responsible for the whole concept: the packaging for varieties of banana boxes; videos of the production farms of bananas in Ecuador; a website in different languages; inspiring social media posts; and point of sale promotional materials created by Giraffes4Zebras that are now traveling to whole Central Asia and Russia.


Today Zebra bananas are exported internationally. The brand recognition and the demand for the custom made designed banana boxes in Central Asia and Russia are increasing rapidly. When consumers start recognizing your brand, that is the first step of your brands’ journey.

Author Lisa Gansky said; “A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.”