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WDJ Unisupplying

Branding, website, videos, packaging, exhibitions

WDJ Unisupplying links its network of global food suppliers to the latest demands and requirements of Chinese consumers. They are an international platform dedicated to the importation, marketing and distribution of the world’s top-quality food products aimed at the Chinese market.


WDJ Unisupplying is the platform of distribution, logistics & marketing solutions. They have an extensive knowledge of international markets that enables them to pursue the world`s finest quality products in order to link worldwide suppliers to an extensive network of customers.

The aim was to develop a brand new company identity, which represents WDJ Unisupplying in the international market. The Giraffes4Zebras creative team developed an outstanding logo and completely new brand identity for them.

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WDJ Unisupplying is mainly dealing with the Asian market. Keeping in mind the target audience, Giraffes4Zebra’s team did an effective market research and analytical investigations to generate a strategic marketing plan. In the second phase of the creative process, the team went through the design and development of the website, which was delivered to WDJ Unisupplying with an exclusive outlook in different languages.

Packaging Design

The Giraffes4Zebras agency had an assignment from one of the milk supplier of WDJ Unisupplying to design a packaging for their milk brand. Giraffes4Zebras went thought the investigative stage to understand the consumer behavior in the Asian market. The outcome was an exclusive packaging design, ingredients mentioned on the package, color palette, translations of the text and finally to the shelves; everything was successfully delivered to the client.

Exhibition Booth

Food exhibitions are the place, where almost all of the industry players want to be present. Your exhibition stand is the face of your company and shows your identity. The WDJ Unisupplying agency designed different 3D concepts for WDJ Unisupplying to showcase themselves in the trade exhibitions.

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