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Website, digital media, videos

StarPark is the total service for every event or activity. In 2005, they started offering chauffeur services and valet parking. Since then, they grew into one of the major players in the traffic and mobility sector, providing professional traffic controllers, event traffic controllers, parking stewards, driver services, valet parking and event management.


Giraffes4Zebras is the agency responsible for StarPark’s communication strategy and to promote StarPark’s services to their existing and potential clients. Targeting the right audience in an effective and understandable way through digital media and promotional sequences is key for successful campaigns. Using the right approach over complex matters can be simply conveyed using interesting visuals to reach the right target audience.


The marketing strategy of StarPark is like a mirror, which is reflected on both sides. The digital media strategy is not only for offering services to the clients, but it is also to attract professionals in the sector –  traffic controllers, event traffic controllers, parking stewards, drivers and security officers.

Starting from the launch of the new website, creation of social media strategies, corporate videos and printing materials are a few to list Giraffes4Zebra’s full marketing support to promote the company identity.

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Today StarPark is fully active in providing excellent services to their clients. A lively atmosphere in the company and smiling members make StarPark proud of their journey which they started in 2005. Author Napolean Hill said, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed” and this is what Giraffes4Zebras aims for.

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