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SORS Logistics

Website, digital media, videos

SORS Logistics is the personal external logistics department that provides best solutions for shipping cargos anywhere in the world. They are in charge to deliver goods door-to-door. Either it is fresh, frozen or dry cargo, in a truck, train, airplane or vessel; they handle the transport. SORS is working with all of the major shipping lines in over 30 countries and they have a lot of valuable knowledge to efficiently and safely transport cargos.


The logistics sector is a dynamic place, and SORS Logistics plays a leading role. The company’s knowledge of the major shipping lines, reliability, trust and technology play a vital role to deliver customer-oriented solutions.

Giraffes4Zebras creative team is responsible for developing a full communication strategy scheme and concept for SORS logistics.


When companies need to promote themselves in an international market, the digital media is a vital element. Giraffes4Zebras designed, developed and launched the new website for SORS to boost their business in the international market. Creating social media strategies, corporate videos, printing materials and customized gift articles for SORS’ clients, are a few things that Giraffes4Zebras used to communicate their uniqueness to the world.

Moreover, SORS has a team with more than 10 different nationalities, for which an internal marketing strategy is also important. Giraffes4Zebras also provides full strategic support for team building and to generate synergy among the company’s international environment.


Today SORS Logistics is flourishing in the world with its excellent service. SORS is proud of their international specialized team and service quality, for which they are known; a five star logistic service provider. In accordance to Giraffes4Zebra’s business vision, the American industrialist, Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” This is what simply motivates Giraffes4Zebras as the commercial facilitator.