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Partners Network

Branding, package, website, digital media, videos, exhibitions

Partners Network team has succeeded in starting a company from scratch and growing into a worldwide operating business. Managed from The Netherlands, containers with poultry, fish, beef, pork, fruit, vegetables and dairy are shipped from one side of the world to the other. This is possible through the diverse group of experts with different nationalities and broad knowledge on legislation and requirements for the exporting and importing countries, who together form the team of Partners Network.

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Partners Network differentiates itself from others by creating a worldwide network of partners. Their core competence is managing supply and demand. They purchase, sell and distribute products worldwide.

Partners Network was looking for a refreshment of the marketing strategy, for which they have assigned the Giraffes4Zebras creative team for the task.
The logo redesign was then defined as a simple font change to a ‘bolder’ serif typeface, giving it a stronger and more solid look. The result amplifies its brand personality, which really stands out from the previous version.


A good marketing strategy starts with a proper visual identity. Giraffes4Zebras came up with a new logo and house style for Partners Network. A modernization, whilst still keeping in mind their original values and colors. A modern logo and visual identity shows the company says abreast of the times, a highly important feature for a global distributor.

Based on the new visual identity, Giraffes4Zebras developed an elaborate marketing plan. Regular presence on social media, redesign of gifts, regular updates on email signatures; these are just a few of the aspects that Giraffes4Zebras takes care of.


Besides the regular marketing actions, Giraffes4Zebras is in charge of designing brochures, creating logo and identity for Partners Networks’ brands, designing packaging and much more.

Trade Shows

Being present at trade shows creates the optimal opportunity to showcase your company. For Partners Network, Giraffes4Zebras designs and arranges their booths at a number of tradeshows. With a design focused on the products on display and on the interests of the target audience, the booths of Partners Network often attract a lot of attention.
At Giraffes4Zebras we are aware of the necessities during a trade show, from eyecatching designs to quiet spaces for meetings.

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