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Panasia Partners

Branding, website, digital media, exhibitions

Panasia Partners is a logistic and supply chain management partner, whose mission is to provide borderless logistical arrangements for your containership transportation.
Panasia Partners has controlling centres in Europe and China from where they coordinate, control and fix the whole logistics process. Check out there website


Panasia Partners is the joint venture between the five star European logistics provider SORS Logistics and China’s top international Logistics forwarder Pan–Way ltd. The purpose of the partnership is to create borderless logistic channels between China and Europe.

Giraffes4Zebras is the responsible for the creation of the name concept and logo design. The idea of borderless logistic channels between Asia and Europe was the main inspiration for the creation of the symbol, shaped in two connected arrows.


The strategy behind this campaign was defined towards a unique company that delivers seamless knowledge between the Asian and the European markets. The target groups are mainly supply chain and logistics related services in Europe and China.

The main purpose of the website is to offer an attractive and informative platform that can effectively communicate and fulfil the standard communication requirements for the public in Europe and China. Therefore, the site is displayed in two languages – English and Chinese.


Panasia Partners motto is to achieve excellence in each step of the supply chain and global logistics. Giraffes4Zebras is committed to promote Panasia as a global partner that provides performance beyond its limits, delivering to their clients excellent knowledge in logistic solutions.

The new identity brings sophistication to communication. The warm and vibrant colors define the tone of the language, which is easily adapted to every target group. Regardless of the medium.

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