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Website, digital media, videos

NOM B.V. is a real estate agency, focused on the corporate business. They search for and buy empty buildings and offices. After thorough renovation, the properties are rented out to businesses looking for office space.


NOM B.V. owns a number of properties, which are presented under the umbrella of NOM B.V. The challenge for Giraffes4Zebras was to bring the marketing around these properties together, whilst still emphasizing the individual strengths.

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Giraffes4Zebras team developed several marketing outings to promote NOM B.V., amongst which the wrapping of a van. The drawings on the sides are a graphic depiction of the different buildings that NOM B.V. has on offer. With a combination of printed outings (signs and the van wrapping) and use of digital media, the brand awareness of the company increases.

Giraffes4Zebras designed websites for the different properties of NOM B.V. Showing the possibilities and unique features of each property, we attract the attention of the right audience. The websites have a clean and sleek design, to emphasize the professionalism of the company and appeal to serious business owners.

The team of Giraffes4Zebras took professional pictures of the properties and shot and designed new company movies. After all, a good visual says more than a 100 well-chosen words.


NOM B.V. got more brand awareness amongst potential customers. They are expanding their business and Giraffes4Zebras helps in ensuring the marketing for all properties remains on a high level and with the necessary consistency.

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