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NIKKI Bananas

Branding, package, website, digital media, videos

NIKKI Premium Bananas are exclusive bananas, naturally sourced directly from farms of Ecuador and Costa Rica to provide the finest fruit to different destinations around the world.

The question: how to communicate a premium banana brand all around the world?


NIKKI Premium Bananas is a new brand looking for their spot on the competitive market of bananas. Giraffes4Zebras is responsible for the new brand identity, website and strategy to attract more young consumers and to retain the existing banana consumers.

With a lot of room for improvement and innovation in promotion and design, the choices for the visual communication were inspired on the premium quality of the bananas. In an extensive investigation into the target group, we came up with an impactful colour palette, combined with vibrant images.

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The target groups are mainly banana producers, retail stores and the final consumers. With a premium look, eyecatching, NIKKI Premium Bananas grabs the attention with the stylish visuals. With the website, shipping boxes and point of sale promotional pieces, the NIKKI brand is ready to conquer the world.

The content on the website consists of videos of the production site in Ecuador, inspiring images and social media posts. The main purpose of the website is to offer an attractive and informative platform for suppliers and vendors all over the world. Therefore, the site was created in three different languages – English, Spanish and Russian.


With an incredibly fast expansion in the Eastern market and a bigger recognition from the banana suppliers in Ecuador, the NIKKI brand has a promising and bright future.

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