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Nicks Boats

Website, digital media, videos

Elegant, striking and refined that is exactly what a boat should look like. Nicks Boats is based on the idea of only representing stunningly beautiful boats with a spectacular performance. The refined craftsmanship and the love from which a boat is made is reflected in all of Nicks boats.


Nicks Boat’s goal is to let as many people as possible experience the ultimate feeling of happiness, freedom and independence. The luxury, stylish boats are Nick’s passion. His aim is to introduce this unique experience to the European luxury market and Giraffes4Zebras is the responsible for promoting this ‘uniqueness’ to the right audience.


Nicks Boats objective is to target a niche market. A specific segment of people that would enjoy to experience the uniqueness of the stylish Hermes Speedsters. To communicate these boats to a distinctive segment of the market, Giraffes4Zebras went through a collaborative creative process with Nicks Boats team in order to define the most suitable communication strategy.

The work was developed in a classic retro style with an elegant, striking and refined visual identity. The entire brand identity led to the design and development of an exclusive website, delivered in three different languages: German, English and Dutch. One of the main features of the site is the option to customize the boat with the desired color selection and visualize it on the screen.

Moreover, starting from launching the elegant website, maintaining social media marketing, designing printing materials, publishing impactful articles in press media and creating digital newsletters are a few things, which make Giraffes4Zebras the creative partner for Nicks Boats.

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Nicks Boats are conquering the market with their elegant boats. Among the boat industry, Nicks Boats has reached an excellent reputation until now thought its unique brand identity, which is a remarkable label to the industry.

The new identity brings sophistication to the communication. The warm and vibrant colors define the tone of the language, which is easily adapted to every target group. Regardless of the medium.