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The highest quality products.

Starting with Belgian French Fries, Moraine brand now represents a number of food products. French Fries, vegetables and even poultry meat are produced under the high standards of Moraine Quality Food. The products are sold worldwide through retailers in supermarkets, cash & carry’s , wholesalers and distributors.


Giraffes4Zebras was the responsible to design the new logo. The concept behind the name was conceived through the actual meaning of a “moraine”, which is a glacially formed accumulation of glacial debris – this results in a valley. The Dutch city of Nunspeet is located on one of the largest moraine complexes in the Netherlands, which is the home of the creators or the brand Moraine, hence the name.

The logo represents the moraine with the valley in between. With the right choice of colors and clean design, the logo shows the high quality and exclusivity of the Moraine brand.


It all started with developing a brand for French Fries.

French Fries were often sold directly to retailers, and Moraine was in need of a consumer-oriented package showing the values of the brand. Giraffes4Zebras designed and delivered the packaging to the Belgian fries producer. Nowadays the packages can be found in stores all around the world, like in Malaysia, where the product is gaining marketshare and recognition over its high quality.


After the successful introduction of the brand for French fries, Moraine is now expanding to other products. Giraffes4Zebras is closely involved in this process. The Giraffes4Zebras team designs suitable packaging for every new products under the Moraine brand. Staying close to common features such as color palette and reference to the logo design, the team looks for and incorporates specific features for every new product. This results in each product packaging appealing to the right consumers.