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Branding, website, digital media, videos is an initiative from the Association of Dutch Poultry Processing Industries (NEPLUVI) with a vision to promote poultry meat in The Netherlands. is the food platform that can be used by Dutch users to find exclusive chicken recipes for their daily cooking meals. Cooking videos from several different chefs and recipes of different dishes are exclusively shown on this website.

Inspiring food blogs from numerous bloggers and informative material about sustainability of the Dutch poultry sector can also be found on Check out for an amazing experience!


The concept behind is remarkable and is not only strategic, but it is a concept that generates a steady progression.

NEPLUVI represents the Dutch poultry industry and in this light they developed a marketing plan in which a wide range of consumers are inspired by trendy chicken meat recipes. Giraffes4Zebras creative hub designed a modern website with new visuals to support this plan and generate a modern food platform for everyday cooking.


NEPLUVI’s marketing plan entailed a number of actions to promote chicken products in the Netherlands and to target the whole Dutch community, avid consumers of chicken products.

Rebranding the Kiprecepten website identity was an important step to convey the right message to the Dutch audience. Giraffes4Zebras was responsible for creating the new logo and delivering a full house style for

A modern website as platform to deliver the main message of the campaign was the basis of the marketing plan. Through intensive teamwork with different bloggers and chefs, Giraffes4Zebras came up with a modern and appealing website design, fit to deliver the message. Still today, Giraffes4Zebras supplies the visual content for Kiprecepten and helps create all media and advertisements. An entire set of recipe videos, exclusive food photography, strong visual content and a modern color palate made this promotion fruitful.


The promotion of chicken products with exclusive and delicious recipes are accessed on a daily basis by the Dutch community. Weekly new recipes are launched on different digital media channels and on the website itself. The positive reaction of the community shows the progression of the concept.

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