Our expertise
in the food sector

"Great things in business, are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people"
We have in-depth knowledge of the food sector, allowing us to make creative campaigns that perfectly suit your company and your customers.

01 DNA
Experience, passion, innovation and accessibility.

The corporate DNA, the identity, defines company’s image and makes it a one-of-a-kind. This set of characteristics, habits, rules and energy determines how people perceive the business and how it will be remembered overtime G4Z helps you to develop and narrow down your corporate identity, transforming it in a memorable and unique experience to every person thought out different touch points.

02 Branding
Design, launch and register your brand, all over the world.

A good, strong brand is more than a logo or a name. A strong brand has a personality that customers can identify with, is easily recognizable, boosts brand loyalty and expresses trustworthiness. G4Z’s creative team creates brands and logotypes that perfectly match your business DNA.

By registering brand, you can make sure that your brand will be your brand and the competition can’t run off with your ideas. Registering your brand protects you against companies that want to use the same, or similar name, for their products or services.

03 Digital Media
We take care of your digital presence worldwide!

A continuous presence online keeps your company on the top of the mind of your customers, making sure it is on top position in the search engines and represents your company in the best possible way. We also have a wide experience with successful social media campaigns and promotional videos that helps increase the online awareness of your business, giving your customers access to many new business opportunities.

04 Packaging
Package of your product is your business card.

The outer package of your product is your business card and it is a vital piece to contribute to your branding. Robust, sustainable and optimized for efficient transport; these are the key elements that we guarantee with the packaging materials. We create the perfect packaging solution’s that best suits your product.

05 Tradeshows
Exhibitions are not a waste of money!
We look out for you.

Tradeshows and exhibitions are great opportunities to present your company to potential new clients. G4Z ensures everything is taken care of: from outstanding stand designs, travel arrangements and catering to all the promotional material at your stand. We look out for you.

06 Corporate communication
Marketing package you need to make a lasting impression.

A clear and efficient communication between the company and its customers is key. G4Z provides all the marketing material you need to make a lasting impression – infographics that depict your process flows in an clear and visually approve way, brochures about your products, company presentations; we make sure you have everything you need and more.

07 Marketing for the food industry
Major cultural differences can be a quite an obstacle to overcome.

Marketing is a vital element for every company. Working on it consistently is a crucial strategy to make it profitable. We have in-depth knowledge of the food sector, allowing us to make creative campaigns that perfectly suit your company and your customers.

Giraffes4Zebras creates a marketing calendar accordingly to the client’s wishes and makes sure all actions are carried out on schedule.

08 The global marketplace
G4Z promotes your identity in the desired market.

We have the necessary knowledge and the suitable partnership around the globe to deliver the perfect job in the right country. Our unique list of associates consist of creative teams in Brazil, Mexico, USA, Holland, Italy, Ukraine, Pakistan, China and the Philippines. Our expertise is also extended to enter the Chinese market – with knowledge of Baidu, Wechat, and Weibo; G4Z can promote your product or business in the desired market, and deliver the most suitable marketing campaign along with it.

09 Dealing with an unstable market
G4Z experience and knowledge can predict situations!

The market is susceptible to changes due to a number of reasons. G4Z, to some extent, can predict such situation. We have a lot of experience and knowledge at hand, you will be surprised about what we can accomplish to avoid and deal with certain significant changes in the market.